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The Annual Clowns Directory

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The Annual Clowns Directory is the oldest directory for finding clowns and clown supplies in the world. In fact, we started 32 years ago!

This website is designed to try and help the general public find clowns to entertain them, clowns find members of the public to entertain, and everybody find clowning supplies to have fun with...

Clowns: To find a clown the easiest thing to do is simply type your postcode (uk), or country into the search box at the top (if there is a space in the country name then enclose in "quotes", or use the ISO country code, such as UK). There are more ways to search for clowns, simply click on the Clowns link to see how you can target your search more.

Trade: If you are after trade supplies relating to the profession (yes, even members of the public can buy them - always fun for parties) then simply click on the Trade link to see categories, then find a company that supplies what you need.

Disclaimer: Please remember when browsing this site that the information we have is submitted, and as such we cannot guarantee the accuracy of it - but if you do find anything incorrect please contact us so we can correct it as soon as possible. We do not take responsibility for the contents of any sites linked to us either - though again, we do try to check what we can. As with everything you find on the internet it is advisable that you check things before relying on them.

The directory is run by Salvo the Clown, who started it all those years ago. If you wish to contact him by phone or email then please see his profile. The best time to phone him is between 9am and 11am GMT.

This site is maintained by donations. Any money raised beyond the cost of running the site is put into advertising to help the clowns and companies listed on here get more work, so all donations are welcome. Simply click the 'Donate' button in the top right hand corner. Any donation, no matter how small, is welcome.