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Frequently Asked Questions

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I am already in the directory, how do I login?

You need to go to the Forgotten Password page and enter the email address you supplied when you applied. An email will be sent to you with some simple instructions to follow. Please see the next two FAQs for additional intformation

I don`t like my username, can I change it?

Your username is used for you to login to the site only, as such it needs to be unique. If you don't like your current one then simply Contact Us and ask us to change it. Generally you would want to change it to something more memorable.

I forgot my password, what should I do?

Click on the Forgotten Password link and enter your email address. You will be sent an email with a link in it for you to click - this link will give you your new username and password.

The new password is secure, but hard to remember. It is advisable that you change it to something else:

1. Double-click on the generated password, then right-click and select Copy.

2. Click on Login, enter your username, then right click on the Passwod field and select Paste.

3. Click on the Change Password link, right click on Old Password and select Paste again.

5. Enter your new password in the other two fields, this is to make sure you are typing the same thing each time.

Can I change my password?

Yes, simply Login then go to the Change Password page. You will need to enter your current password then a new one twice to confirm it. If you have earlier requested a new password through the Forgotten Password page then this is advisable. Please don't use simple words or easily guessed passwords. Nobody will ever see the password you entered.

How do I pay for my entry?

Since April 2009 the Annual Clowns Directory has been supported by donations, as such there is no requirement for paying. If you still wish to make a donation to help running the site then please click the Donate button in the top right corner.